PWR LIO Meetings

  • Next Meeting – January 25th; 10:00-12:00 PM PST – (Zoom)
  • Past LIO Meeting Notes/Summary (November 16th)

ACTION REQUEST: SIL RFPs – We would like to know if you or your organization submitted a proposal to any of the recent Strategic Initiative Lead’s Requests for Funding opportunities or are planning to do so for any of the future opportunities coming later this winter/spring. The goal of this form is to identify how the LIO could help coordinate partners on future proposal, assist in writing letters of support, and understand what projects LIO members are pursuing in our watershed. Please fill out THIS BRIEF FORM where we are collecting responses from across the LIO (there is also a live spreadsheet where you will also be able to see how others have responded). Thank you in advance!

Watershed News

  • Civic Engagement Toolkit: Pierce Conservation District – Part of previous PWR LIO funding went towards a development of a Civic Engagement Toolkit created by our partners at Pierce Conservation District which was finalized in late 2022. The Conservation District looking for at least two community groups and organizations to use this toolkit in 2023 and provide them with quarterly updates about your and your organization’s experience using the toolkit. If you are interested in being a Case Study, please fill out this FORM to be considered. For groups selected as Case Studies, PCD will provide stipends to no more than two individuals per group for a minimum of 25 hours of work to occur throughout 2023. With a stipend of $40/hour, that’s $1,000 per group member. For more questions and information please contact Robb Krehbiel –
  • Governor’s 2023-25 Salmon Budget – The Governor’s Office recently released the Proposed 2023-25 Budget and Policy Highlights document. The following PDF show the Governor’s proposed budget for salmon, which goes into detail about a riparian program, stormwater, fish passage, 6PPD-q, fish passage and funding for Floodplains by Design and much more. For more info click HERE.
  • Puget Sound Partnership’s Proposed 2023-25 Puget Sound Budget – As required by the 2021-23 Washington State operating budget, the Puget Sound Partnership has conducted a ranking of agency submitted budget requests based on their connection to Puget Sound recovery and the 2022-2026 Action Agenda. For more info click HERE.
  • NOAA Announcement of Fish Passage Funding including Tribal Priority Projects – NOAA is recommending nearly $105 million in funding for 36 fish passage projects this year and $61 million in future funding under the Biden-Harris Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, of which 10 projects are located in Washington State. To read more and learn about the projects selected please visit HERE.
  • Vital Sign Indicator Update: Economic Vitality – Puget Sound Partnership in collaboration with Greene Economics, Inc. recently updated the three Economic Vitality Vital Sign indicators. These indicators track aspects of Puget Sound’s natural resource-based industries, such as fishing, shellfish aquaculture, agriculture, timber, and tourism and recreation. Indicators were updated with data through 2019. The three indicators updated are the following:
  • Electron Dam Settlement – Washington State Department of Ecology announced on Nov 8th that Electron Hydro has settled a penalty for water quality violations in the Puyallup River at the tune of $501,000. The settlement is a result of violations that took place when Electron, without approval, used discarded sports turf from an athletic field and placed it in a river channel bypass to act as a liner cushion during construction activities in the summer of 2020. For more info visit HERE.

Local Events

  • Green Infrastructure Summit of the Salish Sea: Call for Abstracts – Stewardship Partners and the Summit Host Committee are excited to announce that, after 3 years in virtual formats, the Green Infrastructure Summit of the Salish Sea will have be coming back in person on March 17, 2023at Cascadia College in Bothell. A virtual option will also be included. The summit organizers are now accepting presentation abstracts with a deadline of January 6th. For more info and to submit abstracts please visit HERE.
  • North Sound Riparian Conference –The conference is sponsored by the Western Washington Riparian Work Group with the goal of sharing practical knowledge to improve outcomes for riparian restoration. The conference will be held virtually on January 26th from 9:30-3:00 PM. To see a PDF the event’s program and for more info (including how to register) click HERE.
  • Restoring Riverscapes: Workshop for Advancing Process-Based Actions – Restoring Rivers is holding a multi-day conference from March 7-9 2023 with the goals of expand the scale and pace of riverscape restoration and floodplain reconnection, increase knowledge of the principles and benefits of process-based, riverscape restoration approach, examine institutional and social constraints to implementing these restoration approaches and explore how to encourage robust, region-wide implementation and innovations to expand the practice. To learn more and sign up for future conference updates please visit HERE.

Funding Opportunities

  • 2023 SRFB Grant Round Request for Proposals – Puyallup and Chambers Watersheds – The Puyallup and Chambers Watersheds Salmon Recovery Lead Entity is soliciting proposals for salmon habitat protection and restoration projects in the Puyallup/White and Chambers/Clover Creek watersheds. The projects must be high priority as described in this document and in the 2018 Salmon Habitat Protection and Restoration Strategy for the Puyallup and Chambers Watersheds. The Lead Entity will use this RFP to develop a ranked list of proposed projects for the 2023 Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) grant round. Notice of Intent to Apply is due January 10th. Complete applications will be due February 27th. Approximately $500,000 is available for 2023. For more info and how to apply visit HERE.
  • Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program 2023 – The Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration grant program seeks to develop community capacity to sustain local natural resources for future generations by providing modest financial assistance to diverse local partnerships focused on improving water quality, watersheds and the species and habitats they support. This program will award approximately $1.6 million in grants nationwide. Proposals are due January 31, 2023. For more info and how to apply please visit HERE.
  • U.S. Department of Transportation: 2022 National Culvert Removal, Replacement, and Restoration Grant Program – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has opened applications for the FY2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity for the National Culvert Removal, Replacement, and Restoration Grant Program (Culvert Aquatic Organism Passage Program). This annual competitive grant program awards grants to eligible entities for projects that replace, remove, and repair culverts or weirs to meaningfully improve or restore fish passage for anadromous fish. Anadromous fish species are born in freshwater such as streams and rivers, spend most of their lives in the marine environment, and migrate back to freshwater to spawn. Estimated total program funding is $196 million, with an award ceiling of $20 million. Deadline to apply is February 6, 2023. For more info on the grant opportunity click HERE and how to apply please visit HERE.

Job Announcements

  • Trout Unlimited – NW Cascades Restoration Project Manager

This position will help implement habitat restoration projects that improve native fish habitat in Washington’s Cascade Mountains on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (MBSNF). To begin, this project manager will work closely with the Forest Service and a diverse group of federal, tribal, state, and local partners within the Snoquera Landscape (White River and Green River watersheds. Applications are open until filled. To apply and see the full position description, click HERE.

  • Puget Sound Partnership – Strategic Funding Manager

This position will lead the agency’s Strategic Funding Team and collaborate with local partners, Strategic Initiative Leads, state and federal funding programs, the Partnership’s Executive Director’s Office and External Operations Program, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as other partners and parties as needed. Applications are open until 12/28/22. To apply and see the full position description, click HERE.

  • Washington Environmental Council – Toxics and Stormwater Policy Manager

Washington Environmental Council seeks a Toxics and Stormwater Policy Manager to advance policies and campaigns that reduce impacts from toxics and stormwater on people, water, and wildlife. Responsibilities include analyzing and developing policy and establishing advocacy strategies; engaging in rulemaking and implementation work; participating in and at times leading coalitions; and being a leader in toxics and stormwater policy. Applications are open until filled. To apply and see the full position description, click HERE.

  • Puyallup Tribe of Indians – Fisheries Scientific Technician II

The Scientific Technician II will work under direction of the Puyallup Tribal Fisheries staff to monitor juvenile salmon during spring emigration using a rotary screw trap on the Puyallup and White Rivers. Some duties and responsibilities include helping install, maintain and monitor rotary screw traps in the Puyallup and White Rivers, sample and collect data in the field, and much more. Applications are open until December 30th. To apply and see the full position description, click HERE.