PWR LIO Meetings 

  • Next Meeting – October 25; 10:00-12:00 PM PST – (Zoom) 
  • Past LIO Meeting Notes/Summary (July 26, 2023) 



Events & Engagement Opportunities 

  • Orca Recovery Day 2023 – This annual event started in 2018 as a regional initiative to raise awareness about the challenges the Southern Resident Killer Whale pod face. From pollution to habitat loss, their main food supply (Chinook salmon) is endangered. Fortunately, there are things we can do on land to help the Southern Residents flourish. Please visit the official Orca Recovery Day page to learn more. Please fill out this form to let us know if your organization is planning on hosting an event this fall. The official date is October 14, 2023, but we’ll promote events throughout the month of October that support the Southern Residents! 


  • PSAR Draft RFP Taking Public Comment – The Puget Sound Partnership is requesting feedback on updates to the Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) 2025-2027 Large Capital Request for Proposals (RFP).  The Partnership has identified the PSAR 2025-2027 Large Capital (RFP) grant round as being a significant agency action under the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act.  We are accepting feedback on the proposed changes to the RFP from August 1st, 2023 to September 14th, 2023.  Comments can be submitted here. If you have additional questions, contact 


  • Visioning the Future of Wastewater in Puget Sound  – The Puget Sound Strategic Initiatives (SI) are seeking input from the community to help develop investment priorities to improve wastewater treatment to positively impact water quality in Puget Sound. Once they understand community recommendations, they will work to fund and implement high priority recommendations.  
  • There are several ways you can provide input on this process, and you are welcome to participate in one or all:  
  • Online Feedback: Visit this page to review the existing list of recommendations, add new recommendations, vote on your top priorities, and leave comments for our team. For more information on how to add your input, visit page 3 of this overview or watch a short video. 
  • Centralized Wastewater Treatment Workshop 9/12 1:00-4:00pm PT: In this workshop, they will be seeking input from the community on the most important activities that the Stormwater SIL can fund to help improve wastewater management in Puget Sound across the entire wastewater lifecycle. Click here.  
  • For all of this information and links, visit the Box page. Click here.  


  • 2023 Puget Sound Day on the Sound – Mark your calendars: We are delighted to announce that this year’s Puget Sound Day on the Sound event will take place Tuesday, October 10, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Rhodes Center (950 Broadway) in Tacoma. Join us for a series of panel discussions with members of Congress, Tribal leaders, and state and federal agency leaders on topics related to Puget Sound and salmon recovery, Tribal treaty rights, and relevant happenings in “the other Washington.” Please register for this in-person event here. 


  • 2023 Annual Carbon Conference – Washington Conservation Action (formerly Washington Environmental Council & Washington Conservation Voters) is excited to host our Seventh Annual Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference! This year, the conference will be held as 3-half-day virtual events on 3 Wednesdays in November commencing with an in-person evening happy hour every Wednesday Nov 1st, 8th, and 15th. The conference welcomes practitioners, policymakers, state and local government, tribal government staff, landowners, civil society, companies in the wood supply chain, academics, and community members whose work connects to forest management or carbon sequestration. Register now for the seventh annual virtual Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference. 


  • Nisqually Community Forest Tour – Join the Nisqually Community Forest board and Northwest Natural Resource Group for a tour of the Nisqually Community Forest on 10/5 from 12:30-4:30pm. Maintaining a reliable source of water in a changing climate is critical for the health of both people and ecosystems. At the Nisqually Community Forest near Mount Rainier, Northwest Natural Resource Group (NNRG) has been testing methods of ecological forestry that will increase the resilience of future watershed forests. Nisqually Community Forest is a community-owned and managed working forest at the foothills of Mount Rainier. On this guided driving and walking tour, you’ll learn about the forestry strategies that are being implemented to restore the forest, while also making it more resilient to the predicted future climate in the area. Click HERE to register! 


  • Habitat Stewardship Training – The Pierce Conservation District has their next Habitat Stewardship training coming up in September! If you would like to learn more about the program and become a Steward of a site, see below. During the training you will learn about the Habitat Stewardship Program, ecology, volunteer management and site planning. There is a field portion to learn about common invasive/native species, invasive management, planting and tool safety. This is a 3-part series, with 2 online portions and 1 field training on a Saturday: 
  • September 13th online 5:30-7 pm 
  • September 16th field 9 am-12 pm 
  • September 20 online 5:30-7 pm 

You can sign up here: Or you can email Belinda with any questions: 


  • Science Career Expo 2024  – The Seaport has decided to host the Science Career Expo on Saturday February 10th, 2024 from 11am-3pm. Due to feedback that we received following the previous expo we changed the date to be in the winter as this seems to align better with organizations looking for spring/summer interns. A few other changes; the Seaport will be providing 2 chairs per organization and we have a small supply of 6ft tables you may borrow on a first come first serve basis. The audience will remain the same; we are going to continue reaching out to high schools, colleges and the general community about the opportunities this event will offer. The 1st Science Career Expo brought in over 150 people from all over the area interested in working for or learning more about your organization. We expect next year’s event to be even bigger and better!If you are interested in registering for next years event please fill out this form:
  • Native Trees and Shrubs Plant Class (Virtual)  – Tahoma Audubon is hosting a class, Tuesday, September 19th, 6PM to 7PM via ZOOM, inspired by entomologist and wildlife ecologist Douglas Tallamy’s bestselling book, Nature’s Best Hope. This class teaches you how to do just that by introducing 20 trees and shrubs native to Western Washington. Sally Larson, Habitat Steward and Board member at TAS, will describe each tree’s expected height, watering needs, color and size of blooms, blooming season, food produced (seeds, nuts, berries), what insects and birds they benefit, and any unique tree features. To register click HERE. 



  • Civic Engagement Toolkit 2.0 – PCD has finalized the second iteration of the Civic Engagement Toolkit. We have hosted it on the LIO website (HERE) for public usage. Please feel free to use it for your organizations and feel free to distribute it to organization and individuals you think would benefit from this resource! 


  • Integrating Stormwater Solutions into Comprehensive Plans – PSRC has created a guidance document on integrating stormwater solutions into comprehensive plans  has been finalized and is now available on PSRC’s Puget Sound Recovery webpage. The guidance discusses stormwater solutions across comprehensive plan elements. Examples of stormwater solutions include stormwater parks, watershed-based land use plans, roadside natural drainage retrofits, and community benefit public private partnerships. The stormwater solutions listed in the guidance were identified through research and interviews on successful practices from around the region and beyond. The guidance provides model policies, project examples, and resources that can provide the groundwork for implementing these solutions.  
  • PSRC along with other partners is hosting a 1.5 hour webinar on 9/19 from 1-2:30pm to learn more about stormwater planning and other strategies to support Puget Sound recovery during the comprehensive plan update process. To register click HERE.
  • Sound Choices Checklist for Comprehensive Plans  – The Habitat Strategic Initiative Lead (HSIL) is excited to share the updated Sound Choices Checklist! The HSIL partnered with Department of Commerce, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Puget Sound Partnership, and the Stormwater Strategic Initiative to update the checklist for the current cycle of comprehensive plan updates. The Sound Choices Checklist is a tool that aligns the Puget Sound recovery strategies and actions with the comprehensive plan elements. Puget Sound jurisdictions and Puget Sound recovery partners can use the checklist to consider if and how local comprehensive plans are setting the stage for Puget Sound recovery. This checklist also highlights best practices to support local planners in their comprehensive plan updates.   


  • Riparian Incentives Pilot Project  – Here is an opportunity to listen in on a learning and sharing – Richard Brocksmith and Aundrea McBride from the Skagit Watershed are going to discuss the riparian buffer incentives pilot project they completed -click HERE for a link to the report. 


  • VS Indicator Update: Human Wellbeing Vital Signs Survey – Results are in from the latest Human Wellbeing Vital Signs Survey. The data is collected through both a paper and online survey instrument, sent directly to residents living in Puget Sound. The survey informs 9 Vital Sign Indicators of human health and quality of life. These indicators are considered “subjective” as they are based on or influenced by personal feelings, opinions, and experiences of respondents. 
  • The latest survey was implemented in December 2022, and is the third iteration. The first survey was sent in 2018, then again in 2020. 
  • There are no significant differences in responses since 2018 for any of the indicators.  While the lack of change is not surprising (we don’t anticipate measuring large changes in human experiences until several years of monitoring), we may have hypothesized changes in things like nature-based work and recreation or cultural wellbeing due to the COVID pandemic (either motivating people to get outdoors more or limiting mobility). At a population scale, however, we did not see overall changes.  

A few takeaways from the 2022 survey: 

  • Most people in Puget Sound describe an identity and/or attachment to Puget Sound as a place. 
  • 43 percent of residents report experiencing reduced stress due to time outdoors at least once a week. 65 percent of residents report experiencing inspiration due to time outdoors at least once per week. 
  • Plants, berries, and mushrooms are the most likely local foods to be harvested, with about 58 percent of the population collecting at least one time per season. 



Funding Opportunities 

  • PSP’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Tracker – This tool tracks funding in the BIL related to Puget Sound recovery priorities, to view the BIL funding tracker please click HERE (updated regularly). PSP also produced an End-of-Session Review for the 117th Congress, to read up on it click HERE. 


  • Federal Funding for Nature Based Solutions – The National Wildlife Federation has developed a new searchable database of federal funding sources for nature-based infrastructure solutions. To view the list and see if your project would qualify for over 75 programs please visit HERE. 


  • NFWF Killer Whale Conservation Fund – The NFWF Killer Whale Conservation Fund have expanded priorities in Chinook and forage fish (sand lance and herring) restoration this year and are particularly interested in projects in geographies that you represent. Funding may be smaller than what is available for projects in WA (most awards are going to be between $50K-500K), but they are also fairly flexible. NFWF are interested in ways that their funding might help you prepare for or access larger dollars, build capacity or fill gaps that are not provided for in other programs. They have also added a pre-proposal process (short form and 2-page narrative) to reduce barrier to entry as we know there are opportunity costs to applications, and have removed the match requirement this year (although still strongly encourage to demonstrate project support and sustainability). Click HERE for more details on this funding opportunity.  

Important Dates: 

  1. Pre-Proposal Due Date – August 31, 2023 
  1. Full Proposal Webinar – September 15, 2023 
  1. Full Proposal Due Date – October 31, 2023 


  • NEW! Stormwater and Shellfish Chapters of 2023 Investment Plan – The Puget Sound Strategic Initiative Leads (SILs) are pleased to announce the Stormwater and Shellfish chapters of the joint Strategic Initiatives’ 2023 Investment Plan. The Plan details the investment priorities that the Strategic Initiative Advisory Teams have been working on for the past few months. The Investment Priorities will be the focus of competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) for the next year to award EPA Puget Sound Geographic Program Funds for investments across Puget Sound.  
  • Stormwater SIL RFPs supporting Investment Priorities for reducing Toxics in Fish and Freshwater Quality – Opportunities opening between August and December, 2023. Sign up here to learn more about these upcoming engagement opportunities. 
  • Shellfish SIL RFP to increase harvestable shellfish acreage in Puget Sound coming August 24, 2023. 
  • The Shellfish chapter of the Investment Plan includes $4.5 million in total allocation for the four 2023 Shellfish Investment Priorities. Priorities include: 
  1. Onsite Sewage System (OSS) Management.
  2. Livestock manure management.
  3. Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC).
  4. Enabling municipalities and privately owned wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to prepare for modifications that will lead to shellfish classification upgrades around outfalls.

RFP Solicitation will be open for 8 weeks, applications are due October 20, 2023, by 11:59pm. 


  • Nearly $85 million in funding is available for fish passage and tribal capacity building under the Restoring Tribal Priority Fish Passage through Barrier Removal funding opportunity. This fish passage funding will facilitate tribes and tribal supporting organizations in building capacity and implementing projects that reopen migratory pathways and restore access to healthy habitat for tribally-important species. NOAA will accept proposals between $300,000 and $12 million total over the award period. For more information, view the Restoring Tribal Priority Fish Passage through Barrier Removal funding opportunity. Applications are due by November 8, 2023. 
  • They are also announcing the availability of nearly $175 million to restore fish passage through the removal of dams and other in-stream barriers through the Restoring Fish Passage through Barrier Removal funding opportunity. This funding will support projects that reopen migratory pathways and restore access to healthy habitat for fish. In collaboration with NOAA, selected partners will use these funds to implement locally-led removals of dams and other in-stream barriers to rebuild sustainable fisheries, contribute to the recovery of threatened and endangered species, and enhance watershed health. NOAA will accept proposals between $1 million and $20 million over the award period. Applications are due by October 16, 2023. 


  • NEW! Transformational Habitat Restoration Funding Opportunity – NOAA is seeking proposals for transformational projects that will restore coastal habitat and strengthen community resilience under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. Through this competition, NOAA will prioritize projects that demonstrate a broad base of stakeholder and community support. Projects that were developed with inclusive practices and incorporate meaningful strategies to engage a diverse range of community groups, including tribes and underserved communities, will be prioritized. NOAA will accept proposals between $1 million and $25 million total over the award period. Applications are due by November 17, 2023. For more information, click HERE to view the Transformational Habitat Restoration and Coastal Resilience Grants funding opportunity. 


Job Announcements 

  • Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee – WRIA 11 

Pierce County is currently accepting applications for a position on the Nisqually Basin (WRIA 11) Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee makes recommendations on various budget and policy issues and project priorities to the Board of Supervisors. WRIA 11 represents the interests of residents in the Nisqually Basin, both in the county and any cities or communities in the area. APPLY HERE:Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee Application. Please indicate in the application that you are interested in serving on the WRIA 11 position, the position is open to anyone living in the watershed. 


  • Restoration and Transportation Funding Strategist – PSP 

The Restoration and Transportation Funding Strategist is part of the Partnership’s new Strategic Funding Team and will support a core outcome of acquiring additional funding for the implementation of the Action Agenda by matching projects that are local and Tribal priorities with the substantial pools of funds that are becoming available. For more info and how to apply click HERE, application are due Tuesday 8/29. 


  • Recruiting Strategic Funding Coordinator – PSP 

The Strategic Funding Coordinator is part of the Partnership’s new Strategic Funding Team and will support a core outcome of acquiring additional funding for the implementation of the Action Agenda by matching projects that are local and Tribal priorities with the substantial pools of funds that are becoming available. For more info and how to apply click HERE, application are due Tuesday 9/5. 


  • Planting Coordinator – Tacoma Tree Foundation 

Tacoma Tree Foundation are hiring for the full-time position of Planting Coordinator. This is an exciting opportunity to work directly in urban forestry in Tacoma and support a variety of tree-related programs! Applications are due 9/8, to apply and more info click HERE.